What’s Your Tone?

Everyone falls somewhere on the warm to cool tonality scale.  For most people with cool undertones in their skin, distinctly warm colors will make them look sallow, and for those with warm undertones, cool colors will make them look wan.   Some lucky people, I happen to be one of them, are close to the center of the warm/cool scale, so that both gold and silver jewelry, for example, are flattering for me.

All of us have reds, blues, yellows, greens, oranges and purples that work well for us.  The difficulty is in knowing exactly which red and which blue, etc.  Understanding your whether your tone is overall warm or cool is an important first step to determining which of each of the colors will work best for your wardrobe, your home, and yes, even your jewelry.

Can you tell which of these bedrooms would be the right one for you?


Grey bedroomLudlowe Master



Leo DesignSpecial Feature

No matter what your tone, you will find wonderful things at this featured shop.  Leo Design at 543 Hudson Street in New York City has something for everyone, and especially for that hard-to-shop-for man in your life.

They carry handsome gifts from shining crystal to burnished leather and they are one of my favorites in lower Manhattan.

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